VW Caravelle LOWERED FLOOR “Drive from Wheelchair” conversion. Or ride up front. You choose!

This is the van I have been waiting for! Much better “VW” build quality, than my own Chrysler Drive from Wheelchair vehicle.

This Vehicle is now available with a lowered floor so it can be driven from a powered wheelchair. Not a specially low chair, but almost any normal powerchair including my own off road capable one here

I used to own a VW Caravelle (GL8 VR6) Van 3 years ago.

I used it for 9 years and it was as shiny and new and as smooth and quiet the day I sold it as it was on day one.

Panel fit and paint finish as well as the plastics and the engineering is simply much better than anything to come from the USA where my present Chrysler van was built! If you are young, active and need a drive from wheelchair vehicle this is the one!

I only sold that van because I needed a van to drive from a wheelchair as transferring became too difficult and was holding me back from going out or wanting to drive. So I bought my Chrysler van. What I really wanted was this one! But they didn’t make a lowered floor version then.

There are a few van conversions out there that are a bit deceiving. While they do allow you to drive from a wheelchair it usually has to be a special “low” wheelchair. Some of those conversions include the VW vans as well as the Mercedes Vito vans.

But those special wheelchairs are long, low, non too manoeuvrable and very short on range and speed. No use to me! I want to use my everyday powerchair that has some real ability!

This new “Colorado” Conversion from GM Coachworks allows me to drive straight up to the steering wheel without difficulty. All that would be needed then would be simple (cheap) hand controls, and an electronic powerchair tie down like the one in my existing Rollx van.

This would pretty much work with almost any powerchair or user as headroom, and room to turn inside is generous.

It uses a quiet reliable under floor alloy hydraulic operated lift, to get you up to the lowered interior floor level and so leaves the doorway completely clear for any passengers to use. It takes less space than a ramp does (compared to my own van).

But this van desperately needs a set of bigger alloy wheels! No problem, I do that to all my vans.

But this is the jack of\ all trades version as its the hard working well used demonstrator. It has a few scuffs and marks and had just driven hundreds of miles on our wet salty winter roads. Yours will be new, neater and better than this. And I want one!

The interior can be in hard wearing smooth material or carpeted like the original van. Again I would prefer carpet.

The lift can be on either side, the front seats can be removed easily too. So the wheelchair user can sit up front or drive as preferred. And there is an all leather, 174bhp executive diesel version with big wheels… That would be my choice.

The only minor concern is the bit below the foot pedals. My wheelchairs footplate misses this. Some may not. Its under 7 inches high. Worth checking or testing before you decide to order one though! And with a wide wheelchair the steering wheel will not be quite central. Although there is plenty of room. Don’t let that worry you though because it seldom is on any car.

The tailgate is heavy. Unlike the US based cars (Chrysler etc) there is lots of metal, paint, and sound deadening and rust proofing in this van. Its built to last forever. As is the engine and transmission. Of course it would look much nicer without all the salt and stickers! (and in silver or black!)