Often used as taxis. Not for driving a wheelchair from, ONLY used for transporting a wheelchair seated occupant in comfort.

There’s more and more of these Peugeot E7 Wheelchair adapted Taxis appearing around the UK for good reasons.

Although the ramp is way too steep!

There’s more and more of these Peugeot E7 Wheelchair adapted Taxis appearing around the UK. They offer both taxi drivers and individuals a forward facing comfortable ride. Much better than the small high roof vans where you sit in the rear like the pope. And far more comfortable with a shallower ramp than say the other taxi drivers favourite the Doblo…

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I stopped this guy a while back to take some pictures to post here so that both wheelchair users and potential private individuals can have a look at this van.

This conversion doesn’t allow driving from a wheelchair just transport while sat in one. But that suits many families as well,

And its big enough to carry a wheelchair seated family member as well as the rest of the family in style. And its cheaper than the lowered floor minivans etc.

I also posted the pictures and info so that wheelchair users can see what its like! Then if they fancy a night out they can call their taxi company and see if they use these vans!

I wont use those awful pope mobile style vans. Too steep, and too embarrassing.

And I would want to see the ramp, entrance etc before I called….
As you can see the ramp is a little steeper than the lowered floor minivans.

Powerchairs (mine at least) had no problem though. If it is a problem the guy will just help you, as he does with a manual wheelchair. I reversed up in my powerchair easily. It barely noticed the strain. The ramp in my local pub is steeper!

It may have tipped me out going forwards though as my powerchair is a little wheelie prone (by choice!)

Plenty of room and tie downs ready on the floor.

Anyway I have this guys card!

Taxi drivers and individuals like the E7 in equal measure.