Solar on 100,000 council houses with 700,000 to go!

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Solar on 100,000 council houses with 700,000 to go!

Postby Burgerman » 03 Sep 2017, 03:26

In west london which is mostly living on government handouts the tennents of 100,000 properties will be getting the free power from the solar panels fitted for free by the local council. Of course many pay no housing costs or council tax as they are not working and hey also benefit from the feed in tariff. All to save the planet which is a joke.

Of course the council gets its money from the working population and the ones that do pay council tax and most of those do not live in west londons council houses... And of course they do NOT get any free solar panel systems either.

So why do they not complain? And what gives a socialist council the right to take the money and fit these panels for the benefit of only their own property and only the council tennants? I am very pleased I dont live there. There might have been a small protest. Probably something to do with that terrorist muslim sympathiser communist mayor khan. The sooner that loser is gone the better.
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