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Postby firehopper » 03 Mar 2018, 16:40

Proud owner of a used powerchair, even though I dont need it, found it at a local pawn shop very cheap, they apparently lost the charger and stuff for it, and since it didnt respond anymore( batteries were 5 volt each, so dead not charging anymore) sold it for $50, I got $24 for the dead batteries (at a local battery manufacturer (Deka) factory store, they wanted $210 each for a battery to replace.. ) got 2 new ones of the same style as the ones that were in it. $240, a charger for $40, so for $305 ish I got a power chair that may be used for parades or something, make a shell for it of a tank or something. or I may see if I can sell it to someone who could use it as a power chair. dont know yet.. but thanks to burgerman and woodygb I got it driving again! thanks a lot guys! one of the best forums I've been on!
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