G'day from Downunder!

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G'day from Downunder!

Postby geeman1969 » 27 Sep 2017, 19:00

My name is Gavin and although it seems I signed up several years ago I was busy with other developments and not ready to start work on this one, but now I am!

I have several product idea's (from what they call last mile transport now to small vehicles) and even though I did Robotics and mechatronics 17 years ago I was becoming ill then and finished my Uni in absentia as I was bedridden then with the start of the rest of my life as a Totally and Permanently Disabled person due to Immune System disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia (up to 12 Chronic and acute immune syndromes/diseases), initially and now the onset of rapid polyarthralgia (Osteo/Rheumatoid and Enthesopathy) has meant my body keeps degrading and although pain has been one of the major and overriding outcomes basically making me completely sedentary and with complete brain fog.

I have just had a Neural Stimulator placed on the back of my skull to try and stop the amount of pain traveling up my spinal cord reaching the brain trying to clear my head some and perhaps free me from complete sedentary behavior and I have trialed this system before having the permanent system installed so I am hopeful for some good results and we just have to see how long that can last before something like the brain builds a Neural pathway around the stimulator or whether this is something the brain still sees as normal and doesnt try and fix it.

Of course like all long term disabled Im poor but I have a few mates and professionals in different area's I must have been able to sell on something as there are a few people willing to work on some idea's with me but I'll have to try and convince some more people to come on board to complete many products as I have no one on electrical (not too har I have some skills) to electronics and programming which is a blank hole skills wise in developing anything.

I have always thought of making my own personal transport vehicle (in the last mile transport range) I dont actually need a chair for moving about just the longevity causes fatigue, spasms and pain in the muscles. So I can use the platform here to develop several types of PTVs from siting on like a saddle device or sitting in as in the chair, then I'd like to do as much motorcycling and ATV riding or SXS buggy riding as possible before my neck wears out and I have done a conceptual design of a tilting front end that can support people of lesser ability be that older age or injuries or disability. (I can get the mechanical device built I need someone to help write the programming and even electrical map so I am looking for that freelance in Australia while I try to get the hardware built and do it all on zero $$ budget) and then I can turn the success of such a system into new convergence style vehicles, give them new electric powerplants etc, and my last project I feel I'd get to in my life would be a manned quadrocopter and those have already started to roll out across the world now.

So thats me and what I want to do and I look forward to any interaction with the group.

These are groups the tilting front end for motorcycles will start to appear in if or as it gets going I own this one
https://www.facebook.com/pg/Spekter-Des ... 6556/posts

And share admin this group

I look forward to meeting enthusiasts, makers, users and people sharing the experience along the way.

Good luck and good health to you all!!
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