Hello from Florida USA Newbie

You dont have to, but its interesting!

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Hello from Florida USA Newbie

Postby wheelyneil » 05 Dec 2018, 15:56

Just a quick hello!
Just registered and want to introduce myself.

MY name is Neil, 60yr old currently living in a small town of Spring Hill Florida, USA.

I have been lurking around for some time without registering but today something told me to and here we are. :dance
I am a T12 spinal injury full time in the chair.

Power chairs have been the greatest help even though lacking in real performance. That's one reason I'm here as I see Mr. Burgerman has given us some wonderful insight on mods and creative ideas of what a real powerchair needs to be. At least in my humble opinion.

As for myself things of interest.( upgrades to powerchairs, Arduino coding, metal fabrication blacksmith to "tig" welding, fishing, scuba, Electronic Circuits, and a few other things but that's enough to keep me busy)

Anyways Hello All and hope to share ideas and learn as well.

Take Care wheelyneil
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