Anything Bad to say About Rollx?

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Anything Bad to say About Rollx?

Postby Rye » 20 Feb 2019, 21:36

I've been shopping around for a new Used van and saw a few I liked on the Rollx site. Anybody have any issues with their mods or the company itself? Delivered to your door with expert adjustments on-site "free". All used vehicles are reconditioned--new flooring, brakes, rotors, alignment, paint fixes. Basically what should be done before selling a used vehicle. Does anyone have their full size van conversion? 6" floor drop with a bi fold ramp?
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Re: Anything Bad to say About Rollx?

Postby wanttobuild » 24 Feb 2019, 00:57

I have owned 3 different Rollx vans. Very happy with them. They do a great job reconditioning from what I have seen. Their service is great although experienced very few issues. My most recent is an Odyssey with in floor. Wonderful vehicle 108,000 miles and only minor issues with conversion that were resolved quickly including one out of state where they sent a tech to repair. I had a chance to tour their facility and it impressive. I am a big believer in them. I have friends with Braun conversions that were much less reliable. Good luck.
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