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Re: Programming leads

Postby Burgerman » 16 Jan 2018, 14:04

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Re: Programming leads

Postby Rolf,Meier » 10 Apr 2018, 20:21

Hello woodygb,

I've read the whole report so far. I need a cable for my VR2 controller. If I take this right out of the drawing I need a USB cable with FT232RL chip then a 47KOhm resistor and a diode and the XLR 3 pin connector.

On XLR plug:
pin 3 to RXD
Pin 3 to 47KOhm to 3,3V or 5V
pin 3 to diode to TXD
pin 2 to ground

On 4 Pin Molex Plug

Pin 1 Ground
pin 3 TX
pin 4 RX

Since my VR2 controller has no Molex connector. Do I have to use XLR plugs?
I also read that you do not send any software. is okay too. but maybe you can write me yes what software it is then I can search for myself.

So far I have found PGDT Rnet Programmer and PG Drivers Technology - Mobility Service PC Programmer.

If you prefer to make the cables yourself, I would buy one too

MFG Rolf

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Re: Programming leads

Postby woodygb » 11 Apr 2018, 10:33

Hi Rolf,

You will need the 3 pin XLR for the VR2 and the MOBILITY Software but NOT the SERVICE Version & not R-net.

The end of this thread has a better pic.

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